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  >  GD Smiles – The Author and The Creator of Pigmelon

Pigmelon and GD SmilesHello, kids!

My name is GD Smiles, and I am the creator and the author of Pigmelon as well as Different (it is the smiley face in Pigmelon books.)

I wanted to do some extra fun beyond the regular children’s books, and I added a cool technology that I thought of into the Pigmelon Books.

…and guess what? you can now, not only read the books, also watch and listen to the videos of each page of the books on a tablet or a cell phone.

Isn’t that awesome… Pigmelon books come to life, now!!!

Our motto is, “Different Is Good.” Do you know why I picked this to be our motto??? because we’re all a little different and we need to respect the different qualities of each other.

That’s why 🙂

Ohhh, by the way. Did you download the Pigmelon App and hold it up on my photo above?

Go ahead... and do it to see the surprise 🙂