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Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red Endangered FlowerI’m Middlemist Red! My name has the word red in it, but I’m really a pretty bright pink color. People come from far away to see me because I’m so rare, or hard to find. Many people say I’m the rarest flower in the world. I used to live in China about 200 years ago, but was taken to New Zealand in 1804 by a man named John Middlemist, who was a gardener.

Where is New Zealand

Middlemist Red FriendsToday I can only be found in two places in the whole world – a garden in New Zealand and a greenhouse in London. Even China no longer has any of me left for people to see. My beautiful flower blooms every spring, giving me a chance to put on a show! With some sunlight, water, and fresh air, I can continue to grow and stand tall and proud as people take lots of pictures of me.

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