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Pigmelon Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shirts for Children – Green


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Children absolutely love playing in the water. As most parents know, kids could spend all day splashing in the beach or pool without ever worrying about the big, bright sun overhead. Our children’s disregard for the dangers of the sun can result in painful sunburn that can take days to heal. That makes it the parents’ responsibility to keep their little one covered and protected at all times. Sunscreen is important, of course, but so is a children’s long sleeve shirt for swimming! This Pigmelon swim shirt is the perfect choice for little ones who love to spend their days in the sun.

This high performance girls or boys long sleeve rash guard offers a long body and sleeves, for full coverage and protection when your child is out swimming. The four-way stretch of the fabric gives children comfort and space to move in or out of the water, and the garment won’t lose its shape. Created from a quality blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, this swim shirt is as comfortable as it is stylish. This girls or boys long sleeve t-shirt is printed in full color, showing an eye-catching image of our superhero, Pigmelon. Known for his love of the planet and of saving plants and animals, Pigmelon is a great example to children and kids of all ages. His presence reminds little ones to be kind and practice conservation wherever they go. Pigmelon is shown on the front and back of this shirt against a beautiful view of a dark blue galaxy covered in stars. Each sleeve of this long sleeve graphic t-shirt has P-I-G-M-E-L-O-N spelled out in juicy red and green watermelon slices for a fun detail that is sure to get your child attention at the pool.

The fabric of this boys and girls long sleeve shirt offers high UPF protection in the range of 38-40, so sunburn will be the furthest thing from you and your child’s mind while having a great time in the sun. Available in children’s sizes 2T to 7, this fun long sleeve swim shirt also looks great paired with other Pigmelon products. Let your little one cover up with a fun toddler t-shirt or bring along a drawstring bag for holding all your child’s poolside possessions.

  • Long sleeve shirt for children sizes 2T-7
  • Comfortable blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex
  • Fitted style with four-way stretch fabric allows comfort and movement
  • 38-40 UPF protection keeps children’s skin safe in the sun
  • Longer body and sleeves for added coverage and protection

SIZE CHART (inches)

Size 2T – Height: 36 ¼* Chest: 20 ½ * Waist: 20 ⅛

Size 3T – Height: 38 ⅝ * Chest: 21 ¼ * Waist: 20 ⅝

Size 4T – Height: 41 * Chest: 22 * Waist: 21 ¼

Size 5T – Height: 43 ¼ * Chest: 22 ⅞ * Waist: 21 ⅝

Size 6 – Height: 45 ⅝ * Chest: 23 ⅝ * Waist: 22

Size 6X – Height: 48 * Chest: 24 ¾ * Waist: 22 ½

Size 7 – Height: 50 ⅜ * Chest: 26 * Waist: 22 ⅞


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