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Pigmelon Cute Teen and Tween Swimsuit for Girls – Earth Line


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Help your daughter make a splash this summer in a bright and colorful Pigmelon bathing suit. Whether she is diving into the ocean or a neighborhood pool, lounging on a boat or dashing through the sprinklers on the lawn, this cute bathing suit for youths will stay put and keep her protected. It is important that teen bathing suits meet several criteria: they must stay in place, not slide off the shoulder, and not ride up the bottom, while still looking cute and stylish. Pigmelon to the rescue with this teen swimsuit!

If you haven’t met Pigmelon, allow us to introduce this brave superhero! He flies around the world, touching down in different countries and settings to teach everyone the importance of conservation and kindness. Pigmelon is known for rescuing endangered plant and animal species, teaching kids about different cultures and traditions, and encouraging everyone to treat each other nicely. What better hero for your daughter to wear in a bright and colorful pattern on her comfortable, high quality swimsuit? Pigmelon is shown on the front and back of this fun tween swimsuit against a rich blue background sprinkled with stars. The crisp white trim gives this bathing suit a sporty look that any young woman will be happy to wear around the water.

Since comfort is key when it comes to a new swimsuit, this one has been crafted from a blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex. The four-way stretch of this high-quality material allows the suit to keep its shape while still giving a young lady the room to move and twist as needed. The front of this youth swimsuit is double layered to offer support and comfort where it lays against the skin. An overlock stitch helps this swimsuit avoid chafing and rubbing for optimal enjoyment.

Spending any amount of time in the sun can be associated with risks. But fear not! This cute bathing suit for youths helps protect against harmful UPF rays that contribute to sunburn and skin cancer. The material of this suit contains a high UPF rating in the range of 38-40, to offer a great deal of protection to the areas of your daughter’s body that are covered.

After swimming, make sure your daughter rinses this teen bathing suit with fresh water. Removing the salt or chemicals from the fabric is important in keeping the colors vibrant and long-lasting. It is also important to avoid contact with rough surfaces, such as Velcro, as this can pull out fibers of the fabric, which may dull the fun and bright appearance of our brave Pigmelon character. Your daughter will love covering up with a matching t-shirt and a protecting her feet with a pair of Pigmelon flip flops to complete her summer look!

  • Quality blend of 82% polyester, 18% spandex
  • Material offers four-way stretch to maintain shape
  • Double layered front for support and comfort
  • UPF rating of 38-40 protects against harmful sun rays
  • Available in sizes 8-20 (see size chart)

SIZE CHART (inches)

Size 8 – Height: 52 ¾ * Chest: 27 ⅛ * Waist: 23 ⅝ * Hips: 28 ¾

Size 10 – Height: 55 ⅛ * Chest: 28 ⅜ * Waist: 24 ⅜ * Hips: 30 ¼

Size 12 – Height: 57 ½ * Chest: 29 ½ * Waist: 25 ¼ * Hips: 31 ½

Size 14 – Height: 59 ⅞ * Chest: 30 ¾ * Waist: 26 * Hips: 32 ⅝

Size 16 – Height: 62 ¼ * Chest: 31 ⅞ * Waist: 26 ⅜ * Hips: 33 ⅞

Size 18 – Height: 64 ⅝ * Chest: 33 ⅛ * Waist: 26 ¾ * Hips: 34 ⅝

Size 20 – Height: 67 * Chest: 34 ¼ * Waist: 27 ⅛ * Hips: 35 ⅜


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